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Divine Sex: by Philo Thelos

The first book I ever read that said many of the same things that I had found in the Bible

by Senvestulo - Oct. 23, 2020

Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from Religious Tradition

by Philo Thelos (aka Darwin Chandler)

I saw many things in the Bible when I was in my teens that made me start questioning the doctrine of my church. But I was convinced by my Mother, Preachers, Sunday school teachers, and eventually my wife, that I was wrong. I continued to have the feelings that I would rather be naked, but I had been taught by our society that this was sinful, so I lived my life with these feelings of shame.

I went to the internet from time to time and I knew there were other people out there like me who thought that our society was misusing the Bible to justify their laws, but the truth was something completely different. One day I read a post by someone who talked about this book. I looked it up on Amazon, and ordered a copy.

This book is a Biblical study of the topic of the human body, human sexuality, marriage, and what the Bible really says about these topics, and not the societal mores that are preached, and the Bible twisted to try to justify them. When it came in I studied it voraciously, cover to cover. I found that, at least on the topic of nudity, here was a man of God, a pulpit minister, who saw the same things I did. I felt justified. I felt vindicated. I felt freed.

I had always accepted the one man, one woman paradigm that our society has made law, but he points out that it is not actually said in the Bible, and that even in the New Testament the only thing that is said about having more than one spouse, is that a man with more than one wife, cannot be a church leader. It doesn’t say that a man should only have one wife, and a woman should only have one husband.

I hope one day, the opinions expressed in this book will become more widely accepted, and our society will become less oppressive to nudity.

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